Pedophiles May Be Using Anonymous’ Symbolic Mask To Trap Children

A Pastebin post claims that pedophiles are using Anonymous’ guy Fawkes mask to trap children online

Nowadays, hackers and hacktivists are hell-bent on exposing Pedophiles that are busy scaring the memories of children of all ages with their malicious acts but apparently, cyber activists have identified that sexual predators are using the alibi of Anonymous, the famous hacktivists collective, to perform their cringe-worthy activities.

According to reports, pedophiles are using Anonymous mask or guy Fawkes mask to lure young kids and share objectionable content. It seems like pedophiles are pretending to be part of the hacktivist group and its movement against injustice through creating bogus Facebook and Twitter profiles of Anonymous but in reality, they are trapping the kids online.


This was revealed by an unknown source on Pastebin. The post claimed that social media platforms are being exploited by “practicing” pedophiles and “MAP activists.” MAP is the abbreviation of Minor-Attracted People. The Pastebin post also contains an extensive list of usernames on Twitter. These are the alleged accounts that are being used by those involved in the distribution and usage of child pornography.

The list of alleged accounts which has been blurred by us for privacy reasons

It was also revealed that the issue of “predators” using the guise of Anonymous’ social media accounts for the sake of trapping children, males, and females and sharing “bestial stories and videos” is getting bigger and stronger.

What to do:

The authenticity of the Pastebin post remains questionable but it is evident from the post that those exploiting Anonymous’ identify or the mask will soon be exposed “in the most public of ways for co-workers, family members, relatives, friends and neighbors to see.”

The Pastebin post also warns the pedophiles in following words:

“Anonymous is an idea, not a playground for rapists, beaters, animal abusers nor pedophiles ****** Ideas are bulletproof. Predators are not.”

However, good news for readers is that Anonymous is already conducting operations against pedos and animal cruelty. Last year, Anonymous removed and DDoSed several x-rated animal abuse forums.

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