Vulnerable In-flight WiFi lets hackers to remotely takeover modern aircraft

The on-plane Wireless systems can easily be hacked by compromising the websites visited by travelersThis happens if same routers/wiring is used for accessing the flight controls and entertainment. Experts suggest it is a security threat that hasn’t been dealt with appropriately!

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated in its report that one among the various evolving security threats is of probable hacking of in-flight Wi-Fi. The concerns among security experts are rising because this issue is being ignored by related authorities.

According to the US Department of Transportation it was highly “committed to strengthening capabilities against evolving threats.”

GAO investigators were informed by cyber security experts that in-flight firewalls installed to prevent avionics from being attacked by hackers can be easily breached.

It may happen if same routers and wiring is utilized by the flight control and entertainment systems on-board.

An expert revealed that “a virus or malware” can be planted on websites that are visited by passengers and thus, hackers can avail a chance of conducting malicious attacks.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s Michael Huerta, who is responsible for overseeing airspace, seconded the findings of GAO investigators.

Huerta says that the FAA has begun working on the issue along with government security experts to make substantial changes.

According to Huerta, “This threat will continue to evolve and it is something that needs to be at the forefront of our thinking.”

Congressman Peter DeFazio stated about the issue that “FAA must focus on aircraft certification standards that would prevent a terrorist with a laptop in the cabin or on the ground from taking control of an airplane through the passenger wi-fi system.”

The Department of Transportation, on the other hand, is assured that the FAA is “committed to strengthening our capabilities to defend against new and evolving threats with a high degree of urgency.”

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Via: GAO
Source: BBC

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