Pro-Palestinian Hackers Took over Twitter Account of Israeli Ha’aretz Newspaper

Pro-Palestine activists Hacked Ha’aretz Newspaper’s Twitter Account and Posted: “Our martyrs’ mothers will drink your soldier’s blood.”

The Twitter feed of Israeli Ha’aretz newspaper website was hacked by pro-Palestinian hacktivists on Tuesday, in response to which the publication officially released a statement confirming the hack.

The hack attack occurred on the day of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and hackers left more than a dozen threating messages in Hebrew and Arabic languages.

The account has been restored and tweets from hackers have been deleted. However, some of them are available below:

“The memory of the Balfour Declaration has changed the situation, wait for the massacre that will be arriving soon. The mothers of our martyrs will drink the blood of your soldiers and settlers.”


“The holocaust of the Balfour Declaration will continue the knife intifada.”

A rather disturbing picture of a wounded Israeli was also posted along with the bombardment of tweets on the publication’s feed.

Several other images were also posted that included ex-Israeli leaders, former foreign secretary of the United Kingdom and Arthur James Balfour, the deceleration author. All the images were covered in blood and people were shown wearing devil horns.

Ha’aretz, in order to resolve the crisis, contacted Twitter that lasted until one hour.

Moreover, Ha’aretz also issued a warning at Facebook that read: “Someone took over our Twitter account, but did not succeed in frightening us. We will respond at the right time and the right place.”

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