Someone Hacked Traffic Sign with Anti-Police Message in Denver

A group of activists or let’s call them anarchists (that’s what they call themselves) hacked a traffic sign and left AN anti-police message against police brutality in the United States!

Hacking a traffic sign is become a new trend for people to register their protest or just write stuff that doesn’t make any sense, but a few days ago a traffic sign was seen hacked with an anti-Police message somewhere near the Broadway and Ellsworth area in Denver.

The electronic traffic sign was hacked by activists from who mentioned that the reason for doing this “minor action” was to protect against increasing police brutality in the United States including recent police shooting in Milwaukee city in which Sylville Smith 23 was shot dead. The police claimed Smith was carrying an illegal handgun and had refused to drop it.

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Here are two images shared by the activists showing F(retracted)k The Police message.

In July 2016, in a similar incident, someone hacked an electronic traffic sign in Cobb County, Georgia and defaced it with F(retracted)k The Police message days after the shooting and killing of Alton Sterling by the local police.

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