Humans not required: These robots can autonomously park or steal your car

Time is changing, same goes for the technology and its trends — Robots are taking over jobs as we know it.

Designed to remove suspicious vehicles over concerns on potential IEDs (an improvised explosive device), the Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool (AVERT) project system was funded by the European Union.

AVERT works by using laser-based LIDAR to verify obstacles and extraction routes through its single deployment unit and then use its four entirely autonomous robot bogies to slowly and safely move the vehicle to another location. Because of this, risk is reduced to a full as no one is required to do a hands-on investigation of what could be a potentially dangerous case.

When it is absolutely necessary, AVERT can be overridden by a remote operator.


In addition to the above technological application, the AVERT can actually assist in vehicle towing and automatic parking for limited spaces.

Watch the video below:

Gizmodo AVERT
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