South African Police Database Hacked and Leaked by Domainer & Anonymous

In one of their best hack, the Anonymous Dominer hackers have hacked into the South African Police Database, leaking the database online for public.

Leak was announced by the hackers on their Twitter account and the leak was pasted on for p ublic.

 According to the Pasty on PasteBay:

”The South African Police Oracle Database kindly brought to you by Domainer & Anonymous.
For murdering your own citizens we delightfully bring this Hax to your attention.
#FuckPigs #FuckMurderers #PowerToTheMiners” 

Vulnerable Link: 

Database is available at:

The Database is oracle based which can only be accessed after bypassing high security protocols, this hack shows that hackers are well equipped and well skilled. DomainerAnon is well known for its hacks and leaks against the top government websites and databases.

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