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  • UN Nuclear Energy Server Hacked by Anti-Israel Hackers

    An unknown anti-Israeli hacking group who goes by the handle of Parastoo has hacked into a UN Nuclear energy server three days ago, stealing the confidential information of almost 200 officials and scientists connected with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) directly or indirectly. The group leaked the information along with a statement on PasteBin asking for an independent inquiry into […]

  • Nigerian National Assembly Hacked, Huge Database Leaked by @LolSec

    A hacker who goes by the handle of @LolSec has contacted us regarding his latest hack, in which the official website of Nigerian National Assembly has been hacked and a massive database is now leaked online on PasteBin. The hack was also announced by the hacker on their official Twitter account. The leaked data contains personal details […]

  • US Weather.Gov hacked, Data leaked by Kosova Hacker’s Security

    A massive amount of data from the official US National Weather Service provider website was leaked online a couple of days ago by Kosova Hacker’s Security. The National Weather Service (NWS), once known as the Weather Bureau, Weather.Gov provides daily updates on climate data, weather, water, forecasts and warnings for the protection of enhancement of the national economy […]

  • Israeli and Brazilian websites hacked, database leaked by @VenomSec

    The well known @VenomSec aka database killer has targeted the websites of two different countries, one from Israel and other from Brazil leaking their database online. The leak was announced by @VenomSec on their Twitter account. The Israeli website belongs to the Rabbi Yehuda Leon Ashkenazi Foundation the (Manitou), working for Judaism preaching in French language. While the Brazilian website is a government […]

  • South African Police Database Hacked and Leaked by Domainer & Anonymous

    In one of their best hack, the Anonymous Dominer hackers have hacked into the South African Police Database, leaking the database online for public. Leak was announced by the hackers on their Twitter account and the leak was pasted on PasteBay.com for p ublic.  According to the Pasty on PasteBay: ”The South African Police Oracle Database kindly brought to you […]

  • Virtual Electronic Romania website hacked by Anonymous and database leaked for #AnonOpsRomania

    Anonymous hackers have taken down the website of Romania and the database has been leaked online. According to an announcment via twitter account, the hackers have hacked the websites for their on going operation against Romanian government known as #AnonOpsRomania Target: www.virtual-electronic.ro Leaked Database: http://pastebin.com/T1v8iHGT Pastebin Dump contains, username, bank details, contacts, phone numbers and other data from the website.