Verizon Wireless Hacked, 3 Million Customer Records Leaked

A hacker who goes by the handle of @TibitXimer has hacked the Verizon wireless database and downloaded the records of 3 Million customer. 

However, the hacker has leaked only 10 percent of the data, as technology giant failed to overcome the vulnerability. The hacker posted the leaked data on PasteBin, which is available for download on another data sharing site.verizon-hacked

@TibitXimer has pasted around 300,000 database entries of Verizon Wireless customers to the Web, after exploiting a vulnerability in the cellular giant’s network.

The hacker told ZDNET that hack was done back in July 2012, where he gained root access to the server holding the customer data. The hacker bypassed all the a security set against the website and gained access to the sensitive information with the help of another hacker.

The hacker added that:

After gaining the access, he downloaded the data of more then 3 million customer entries from Verizon’s database, including names, addresses, mobile serial numbers, the opening date of each account, and account passwords. However, he said that figure was an estimate and had “no clue” exactly how many records there were, and that it was a “low estimate based on the size of one record and the size of all the files.

The leaked data belongs specifically to the state of Pennsylvania that contains plain text passwords, making it a nightmare for the wireless company, if gone in wrong hands.

I had already reported the vulnerability to Verizon Wireless but they ignored my message and never replied back. He added. 

The leaked data is now available on Pastebin which can be further downloaded from a file sharing website, click here to view Pastebin post

However, the hacker claims to work alone but a strong supporter of Anonymous hacking group.

  1. This is good he exposed their weakness,, now sharing the data, if it is real – idk i tried to download it but you need a premium account – i think noone takes Anonymous seriously so WAKE UP corporate america

  2. I read the same story on zdnet. However on zd verizon had responded to a comment on the subject and told them that it was actually fios customers not wireless.

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