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    Angry Israel vows to treat hackers like terrorists

    Looks like  Israel is angry over two hacking attacks in one week on Israeli credit card owners. Israel has said that ”it will now respond to the cyber-attacks in the very same way, it responds to violent “terrorist” acts after the credit card details of thousands of its citizens were published online. Last week it […]

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    Saudi Hacker Hacks & Leaks More Israeli Credit Cards and Passwords

    Few days ago A Saudi-based hacking group hacked into Israeli sports website and leaked credit card details of 400 thousand Israelis. The same group has done it again, the chief executive of Israel’s largest card company said that ”Saudi Hacking  Group-XPA hackers has published details of thousands of active Israeli credit cards for the second time […]

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    Saudi Hackers exposed personal information of 400 thousand Israelis

    A Saudi Hacking  Group-XPA hackers have claimed  that they have hacked Israel’s famous and leading sports website  and leaked  personal information – including credit card numbers of over four hundred thousand Israelis. According to Army Radio reports, the Credit card companies said that ”the list is repetitive and contains details of hundreds, not thousands of […]