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  • Check How Facebook AI Monitors Your Activities with this Crazy Chrome Extension

    It isn’t a secret that Facebook studies the activities of its users for miscellaneous purposes using its Artificial Intelligence mechanism. It helps the social network in showing relevant information on your News Feed, which is usually evaluated by analyzing your social media interests and salient activities on the website. However, now you have an open […]

  • Researchers Discover Yet Another Malware Designed to Compromise Mac Devices

    Bitdefender, renowned IT security/antivirus firm, has identified that the latest strain of Xagent for Mac is being used as a backdoor for intruders. After the malware is installed via Komplex downloader, it looks for a debugger’s presence and if it isn’t found it waits for network connection to be enabled to contact its C&C servers. The attackers then activate […]

  • Android Banking Trojan Marcher Infects Devices to Steal Payment Cards

    Cyber-security researchers at Securify, a Dutch security firm, have been evaluating the Marcher Android banking Trojan for the past six months. They have come to the conclusion that Marcher has been there since 2013 and its attacking tactics have been evolving since then. Until now, the Trojan has managed to infect thousands of Android devices […]

  • Teacher Being Investigated for Exposing 7th Graders to Porn

    As per the claims from the Sweetwater Union School District, a shocking incident occurred at Chula Vista’s Rancho Del Rey Middle School where a teacher mistakenly showed porn to his 7th-grade students while the class was underway. The incident is currently under investigation and the district hasn’t disclosed the name or any other details about […]

  • Mozilla says Firefox Klar does not Collect User Data from iOS Devices

    A German security researcher Peter Welchering stated in an interview for a German newspaper namely Deutschlandfunk that Mozilla Foundation is collecting users’ personal data through the iOS version of Firefox Klar. Welchering’s findings were seconded by another researcher Hermann Sauer. The researchers collaborated together to evaluate the new app and identified the majority of data […]

  • Gmail’s Spam Filter Not Impenetrable For Hackers

    Most of us today use Gmail as our primary email platform. It is indeed a very useful platform that is known for its efficiency and effectiveness. However, Gmail may not be as effective as we think it is. According to a recent research conducted by Renato Marinho at Morphus Labs, Gmail does not seem to spam emails that are […]

  • Deleted browsing history on safari may not actually be deleted

    Elcomsoft is a Moscow based firm that creates forensics software said it was possible [Pdf] to retrieve your deleted browser history beyond a year. Elcomsoft CEO Vladimir Katalov stumbled upon this while he was testing out his new hacking tool to view his safari history on his iPhone. He discovered that Apple was storing consumer data […]

  • US could demand social media passwords of visa applicants

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced at a hearing that discussions are being held with regards to the introduction of more stringent vetting measures as part of the pre-screening of visa applicants. One of the prerequisites under discussion is the disclosure of social media account passwords to American embassies upon applying for visas. More: US […]

  • 76 Famous iOS Apps Vulnerable to Silent Data Interception

    The IT security researchers at, a service responsible for scanning the binary coding of iOS apps to identify any prevailing security flaws, 76 popular iOS apps are not safe to be used. suggests that these are extremely common apps, with a combined total of 18 million downloads. The problem is that these apps possess […]

  • “This is you?” message is the latest scam to be distributed via Facebook

    Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, and that makes it an attractive target for cyber criminals and online scammers.  The latest to join the bandwagon of message-based scams on the social network is “This is you?” scam. What’s happening is that users receive a message on their Facebook […]

  • Fake Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook Android Apps Contain SpyNote RAT

    Cyber criminals prefer targeting Android devices due to its open-source model which means the source code is freely available for anyone to see and use. Lately, there has been an increase in third party apps for Android users but these apps come with a hefty price. Recently, the IT Security researchers at Zscaler identified some fake […]

  • 38% of Android VPN Apps on Google Play Store Plagued with Malware

    Downloading an application means that you are allowing the software open access to your mobile phone and all the data that is stored on it. Many a time, these applications are used for spying purposes by an individual or state-sponsored group of hackers. The criticism received by ZTE and Huawei for collecting and sending data to China shows how these […]

  • Facebook Launches “Security Key” Feature to Protect User Accounts

    Security Key is the latest feature to be added into the Facebook’s always expanding array of features. It has been introduced exclusively for two-factor authentication, which is required at the time of logging into the website. Through Security Key, the mandatory requirement of receiving a verification code via SMS will be eradicated. Facebook’s security team […]

  • Malicious “Charger Ransomware” App Discovered on Google Play Store

    CheckPoint, a renowned security firm, has discovered that at least one app on Google Play Store is infected with Charger Malware. Charger malware is technically ransomware because the app managed to steal contacts and messages/SMS data from the infected device and then gains admin permissions to lock the device so that victim cannot use it. […]

  • HummingWhale Malware infected Android Apps Downloaded Millions of Times

    CheckPoint security firm has detected a presence of the notorious HummingWhale malware in 20 Android apps, which are quite commonly used by Android users since these have been downloaded millions of times (approx. 2 to 12 million). According to the analysis of CheckPoint, back in 2016, there was a version of HummingWhale malware called HummingBad that […]

  • WatchMojo’s official YouTube Channel Terminated Due to a Glitch (Updated)

    The official YouTube channel of WatchMojo has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy. If you don’t know WatchMojo then it is a popular video content producer, publisher, and syndicator based in Canada. Upon visiting WatchMojo’s YouTube channel a red warning sign can be seen explaining why the channel was terminated however WatchMogo’s Twitter account tweeted that […]

  • DuckDuckGo Search Engine Hits a Milestone with 14 Million Searches a Day

    DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine which has been experiencing phenomenal growth culminating in the company hitting a milestone of 14 million searches in a single day and 10 billion searches overall. What’s more remarkable in this growth story is the fact 4 billion of those 10 billion searches were made in just one month […]

  • Email Encryption Service Provider ‘ProtonMail’ Now on Tor

    ProtonMail, launched in 2014 by a group of MIT and CERN experts, is the largest email encryption service provider in the world having more than two million users. It is the preferred emailing platform of activists and journalists who need to keep information confidential. In its latest announcement, ProtonMail’s co-founder Dr. Andy Yen stated that […]

  • Google Maps Will Soon Find Parking Spot for You

    Imagine a scenario where you are late for a movie because you can’t find a parking spot or if you found one it is far away from the cinema. Now imagine a scenario where you are not only able to find the location you are trying to visit but also detailed directions on where you can find the safest and […]