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  • Android Forums hacked; password reset notice issued

    Android Forums, a popular platform for Android users, has announced that its servers were accessed by a third-party resulting in a data breach. In a security notice, the website administrator wrote that 40 members of the forum (2.5 percent) who registered between registered in 2016 and 2017 had their accounts compromised. Around 50% of the […]

  • Hackers claim to steal 200 million Apple accounts; demand $75k ransom

    Over 300 million Apple email accounts are said to be in the hands of a group of hackers claiming that if Apple is not willing to pay a ransom payment by at least April 7th, they will wipe all the user data from those accounts. The group, which goes by the name, Turkish Crime Family, is […]

  • Private Photos of Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson and others Leaked

    It is 2017, but it’s still happening. The latest victims of this campaign include top celebrities, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Rhona Mitra, Alyssa Arce, Jillian Murray, Analeigh Tipton, Iliza Shlesinger and others. The leaked pictures and or videos were leaked yesterday on a celebrity gossip website “Celeb Jihad” ranging from nude selfies, explicitly sexual photos of intimate moments. The […]

  • 13 Infected Android Apps on Google Play Phishing Instagram Accounts

    Lately, credential stealing campaigns and Instagram go hand in hand as we have seen so many credential stealers targeting social networking app users. These campaigns circulate on Google Play in the form of tools designed to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Recently, 13 malicious apps were identified to be uploaded on Google Play […]

  • Beware; 36 Android Devices Shipped with Preinstalled Malware

    Android devices have remained the center of attraction for malicious cyber criminals since forever. Not only do they churn out fake, infected apps one after another but also devise ways to exploit Android devices. The reason is quite evident; since Android devices are among the most commonly preferred mobile phone choices, therefore, cyber-criminals attack them […]

  • Latest Google Chrome Scam Aims At Stealing Credit Card Data

    Google’s Chrome browser has remained the apple of every hacker’s eyes for more than one reasons, the most important being that it is very commonly used. Therefore, the more visitors on Chrome, the higher will be the number of victims of these hacking and scam campaigns. This is why every other week we notice a […]

  • Nintendo Switch Can Be Hacked, Thanks to iOS 9.3 Webkit Exploit

    Having a high-profile and so very sought-after device like Nintendo Switch is a risky deal as cyber-criminals are always on the hunt of salient vulnerabilities in these devices to fulfill their malicious goals. No matter how strong the defenses of these high-end devices may be, hackers would find a way to bypass them. Same has […]

  • The Best Alternatives Operating Systems

    For most people, the only operating systems they know of are Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. They have thus restricted their world to these four operating system with the same belief our ancestors thought the world was flat. However, many other operating systems will work even better than the above mentioned OSs especially for those of […]

  • Want a Career in Cybersecurity? Find Out Which Degrees Can Get You There

    Demand for cybersecurity professionals is high. This is set to continue growing for the foreseeable future and the salaries on offer are generally on the higher end of the pay scale—both factors which make a career in this field an attractive option. Entry level positions require a relevant bachelor’s degree, but the more specialized and […]

  • Google Patched Hundreds of Android Security Flaws in March Update

    Google is busy in updating its Android OS with the third and probably the largest security patch update that the company will be releasing this year. March 2017 Android update offer fixes for around 105 security vulnerabilities. This marks a whopping increment in the number of identified security flaws since when Google released a patch […]

  • Facebook Call Cops on BBC for Exposing Child Abuse Content

    It is a fact that Facebook has become the breeding ground for malicious pedophiles and child sex addicts. Despite claims from the social network, we have seen countless examples so far where Facebook failed to take preventive measures or responded aptly whenever the presence of such illicit content involving children was reported to it. The […]

  • Google Increases its Bug Bounty Program Reward Money

    It is a well-known notion that the higher the prize money, the greater will be the effort to win it. Same goes for bug bounty programs. These are specially designed programs that allow white hat hackers and upcoming or novice security researchers to identify prevalent vulnerabilities in their latest hardware/software products. A majority of tech […]

  • Microsoft Bug Bounty Program: Report Vulnerabilities, Get up to $30,000

    For the last couple of year, Google has been releasing details about unpatched vulnerabilities discovered by its researchers in Microsoft’s products. Now, to save itself from further embarrassment Microsoft has launched its bug bounty program in which the company is willing to pay up to $30,000 to hackers and security researchers for reporting flaws in […]

  • Robots can be hacked, exploit to kill people, spy on military secrets: Researchers

    There are a lot of conspiracy theories about robots taking over our jobs or killing the humanity. In fact, famous physicist Professor Stephan Hawking agrees with researchers who claim AI robots will leave humanity ‘‘Utterly Defenceless.’’ Now, researchers at IOActive, a cyber security company has revealed that [Pdf] programs which “bring them (robots) to life” […]

  • Google to Protect Mac Chrome Users with Additional “Safe Browsing” Alerts

    It is a fact that lately, malware attacks against Mac devices are on the rise. Chrome users are being targeted rather continuously even on macOS systems; therefore, Google has now decided to broaden the security measures for macOS devices. The primary objective behind this decision is to ensure that users enjoy well-guarded and safe browsing […]

  • A Minor Typo Brought the Entire Internet Network of Amazon Down

    Amazon Web Service (AWS) went through outage for four hours around three days back, which took the internet security community by surprise. All sorts of speculations and rumors started spreading about the reasons behind the service outage. However, the company has now publicly announced that the actual reason behind the breakdown of its internet service […]

  • Hundreds of Android Apps on Google Play Store Infected with Windows Malware

    Android apps have always remained an easy target of exploitation primarily because of the high number of Android users across the globe. In the latest research analysis from security firm Palo Alto Networks, it was revealed that around 132 Android apps on Google Play store contain malicious coding. This could be due to the use of infected computers by […]

  • Software engineer detained at JFK airport; forced to prove he is really an engineer

    Visitors to the US are currently going through a lot of trouble due to the temporary immigration ban imposed by Trump administration and the increased security checks for travelers from abroad. Innocent travelers are being harassed and unnecessarily put through troubling time by the Customs and Border Protection officials. The latest victim is a traveler […]