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  • Netflix’ Orange Is the New Black Season was Stolen Using Windows Flaw

    In April this year, DarkOverLord a Dark Web hacking group stole and held season 5 of popular TV show Orange Is the New Black (which was yet-to-be-released at that time ) to ransom but ended up leaking it on the Internet after failed negotiations with Netflix and Hollywood-based Larson Studios. Now, details have emerged highlighting […]

  • URL Padding: Facebook Mobile Users Hit by Phishing Scam

    We have read stories regarding how email is heavily used for phishing scams by sending out fake emails that eventually lead the user into clicking a malicious link. We have grown so used to the fact that now, we seem to think email is the primary way to attack for spammers. However, here you will see […]

  • Google is having a hard time getting rid of malicious Android apps

    The IT security researchers at SophosLabs have discovered that Google Play Store currently has as many as 47 apps that contain adware and are being downloaded at an alarmingly fast pace – This is quite troubling as the adware contained in these apps is quite persistent and does not seem to go away no matter […]

  • Hundreds of Malicious Android Apps Masked as Anti-virus Software

    With the recent surge in ransomware attacks, it is no surprise to see that attackers have capitalized on the opportunity and played on people’s fears by offering them Android anti-virus apps that are, in reality, another malware. The hunt for anti-virus apps It goes without saying then, that given the dangers and prevalence of ransomware, […]

  • Millions of Android users left vulnerable due to Samsung’s ignorance

    After Samsung had failed to renew the domain of one of their pre-installed apps, millions of users were left open to malware attacks. The app S Suggest that was part of the older Samsung smartphones is still active on millions of devices. Its purpose was to help users by suggesting which other popular apps they […]

  • Indian soldier in hot water after playing porn instead of presentation

    In an embarrassing incident, an Indian Border Security Force (BSF) who was supposed to give a presentation during Sainik Sammelan mistakenly played a porn clip for over 90 seconds while eight women personnel were also present at the event.He is now facing an inquiry. It happened during Sainik Sammelan (a gathering of all the soldiers and senior army […]

  • Xavier Malware Infects Hundreds of Android Apps on Google Play Store

    You might have heard researchers urging Android users not to download apps from a third party store since a lot of them contain malware. Now, things have changed as hackers and cyber criminals are bypassing Google’s security implementation on Play Store and uploading apps infected with malware. The IT security researchers at Trend Mirco have […]

  • A Malware That can Bypass Windows Firewall Using Intel’s Management Tech

    A unique and perhaps a very practical way of injecting malware into an entire network has been discovered in which the hacking group uses Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) to bypass Windows’ built-in firewall and as such go undetected. The Active Management Technology (AMT) Active Management Technology (AMT) is a technology that allows remote access […]

  • Android Malware with Code Injecting Capability Found on Google Play Store

    Google Play Store has been found harboring another malware and this one has the ability to disable the security settings on Android devices. The malware is doing this so that it would be able to perform different malicious tasks in the infected system’s background undisturbed. You might be wondering what’s so interesting about another malware […]

  • Hackers are using popular chat apps to control malware operation

    Yesterday, a group of IT security researchers had revealed that Russian hackers are controlling malware operation through the official Instagram account of the world renowned singer Britney Spears. Now, according to research conducted by Trend Micro, it was revealed that hackers could use third-party chat applications such as Slack, Discord, and Telegram as command-&-control (C&C) centers […]

  • Malicious Android app installs ‘impossible to remove’ adware

    The IT Security researchers have discovered a new malware that is essentially an Android Package or APK masked as a cleaner app called Ks cleaner and tricks the users into downloading a security update. Once the update is installed, the malware cannot be removed. The APK downloads automatically mainly from online forums According to Zscaler, a […]

  • IP Security Cameras Vulnerable to Hostile Takeovers

    According to a report submitted by the security company called F-Secure, the security cameras made by a Foscam company from China have some notable flaws. For example, they’re extremely vulnerable to hacking attacks that when an attack is performed, the cameras might allow the hacker to see video feeds, compromise other devices, download existing files and […]

  • Facebook patents emotion-sensing technology to ‘deliver better content’

    Recently, Facebook developed an emotion-sensing technology that would use your webcam on your laptop or smartphone camera to detect your emotions based on your facial movements and expressions and therefore deliver content that is more relevant. What’s the big idea? As you might have already guessed, your privacy might be compromised on a whole new […]

  • In UAE Supporting Qatar on the Internet is Now a Cybercrime

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its lavish shopping malls, Ferraris, and robots in the police etc. but one thing which outsiders are not familiar with is that the country is also known for its massive online censorship and surveillance capabilities. Keeping that in mind and amid bitter relationships between Qatar the UAE, the […]

  • New App Will Stop Voice Hacks Using Smartphone Compass

    Voice recognition technology is becoming ever more widespread in our keypad-less world where smartphones are dominating the technology market with latest security features being built into them with every new version that comes out. The voice-recognition system, as you may already know, allows users to unlock their phones using their recorded voice. Although the technology is […]

  • Top Tips on How to Land a Well-Paid Job in Cyber Security

    The cyber security industry is well-thought of with the huge advancement of online technology and web development, and it means there are thousands of jobs available for people just like you that are interested in a well-paid technology-based career. If you’re looking to land a job in the cyber security industry but you’re not sure […]

  • Neuroanatomy of Facial Processing Decoded – by Reading Minds of Monkeys

    Scientists have achieved one of the most impressive attempts of mind reading to date. Their goal was to show different human faces to monkeys and then scan and record their brain waves in order to figure out how monkeys, and therefore humans as well, recognize different faces. This has been one of the toughest problems that neuroscience […]

  • Google will Now Pay Hackers $200,000 for Reporting Bugs in Android

    The search engine and tech giant Google has now increased the reward for finding bugs in Android OS to $200,000. Stepping up their bounty program at this time isn’t that surprising, especially considering that it’s only been a couple of days since the massive ‘Judy’ malware attack. Despite the unthreatening name, Judy has managed to […]

  • Man Accidentally Destroyed Production Database on First Day of His Job

    We all make mistakes, but some mistakes are fatal ending up with devastating consequences just like one of those Amazon engineers who’s typo error caused a major service outage worldwide. But then there’s this man “/cscareerthrowaway567” who recently posted on Reddit explaining that he accidentally destroyed a production database on the first day of his job, […]