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  • Fake Adobe Flash Player App Infects Android Devices with Banking Malware

    Fake Adobe Flash Player App Infects Android Devices with Banking Malware

    IT security researchers at Russia based Dr. Web cyber security firm have discovered a fake Adobe Flash Player infected with BankingBot malware known for stealing banking and personal data of Android users. “BankingBot” was first spotted in April 2008 but about three months ago it was found infecting over 400 apps on Google Play Store. Once it infects […]

  • Your Old Phone Number Can Be Used To Hack Facebook Account

    We all know that in most cases, Facebook users are required to submit their phone number while registering with the social network. This is how they can link their phone with the profile so that when a user forgets the password, they can prove his authenticity and receive a new password on their smartphone. However, […]

  • Remotely Controllable Hoverboards Latest Target of Hackers

    Without a doubt, hoverboards are the latest fad. Hoverboards are indeed very useful as these aren’t only easy to use but make traveling so much fun. The recent trend of trying to make every device internet connected has not spared hoverboards; they even come with rider applications.  The app allows the user to perform cool […]

  • Privacy and The Digital World

    Privacy and The Digital World

    Privacy is considered synonymous with trust and security. And it appears more precious and valuable when you do not have it. We know the importance of security and trust when we find ourselves in a precarious situation where we are being threatened and vulnerable to someone’s faulty actions. In return, it makes us cautious and […]

  • How Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Can Prevent E-commerce Chargebacks

    How Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Can Prevent E-commerce Chargebacks

    If e-commerce had seven dirty words, chargeback (a demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction) would definitely be one of them. A chargeback is what happens when a credit card customer disputes a and your e-commerce store is forced to refund the transaction. […]

  • Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhones, 15 Watches to China

    Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhones, 15 Watches to China

    A Hong Kong woman was caught smuggling 102 iPhone devices to Mainland China – That’s not all, she was also carrying 15 Tissot wrist watches all tied to their chest and waist. Since iPhones are sold at affordable prices in Hong Kong and expensive in Mainland China; people try to smuggle the devices to sell them for […]

  • Watch: Man's smartphone reboots every time he calls 911

    Watch: Man’s smartphone reboots every time he calls 911

    A Redditor going by the handle of /Seattle_Horn (Nick Morrelli) from Seattle, United States posted that whenever he dials the emergency telephone number 911 his Android based OnePlus 5 (OP5) smartphone reboots itself for no apparent reason. In his Reddit post, Morrelli wrote that “I had to dial 911 on my OP5 yesterday (saw a building on fire […]

  • Security Robot Found Found "Drowned" inside a fountain

    Security Robot Found “Drowned” in An Indoor Fountain

    We have heard about robots equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) but what kind of robot drowns itself into a fountain? A suicidal robot? That’s something new. Well, on 17th July, people inside a Washington, DC office building witnessed a Knightscope security robot face-planted inside an indoor fountain of the building.  It’s funny since The Washington Harbour wrote in a Facebook […]

  • GhostCtrl Android Malware Records Audio, Video and Spies on Users

    GhostCtrl Android Malware Records Audio, Video and Spies on Users

    Perhaps it is not so surprising to see powerful malware now being created to target Android devices. Researchers at Trend Micro recently discovered yet another malicious software that infects Android devices and ends up stealing pretty much anything for the attacker. GhstCtrl The new malware goes by the name of GhostCtrl (a variant of OmniRAT) […]

  • Giveaway: Download Millions of Free Microsoft E-books

    Microsoft is known for giving away e-books related to its products, but this time, the company has come up with something different or rather call it a treasure trove for readers. Microsoft is giving away what they are calling the “largest” free Microsoft eBook giveaway.” Yes, you can now download millions of free Microsoft eBooks. These e-books discuss […]

  • OSX/Dok malware hits Macs; bypasses Apple’ Gatekeeper

    IT security researchers at Checkpoint recently discovered that a new malware has started to rise and is targeting Mac devices. The malware is considered quite powerful as it can bypass Apple’s gatekeeper and effectively steal users’ credentials. Apple rushing to revoke compromised certificates It is relatively rare to hear news about Mac devices getting compromised […]

  • CIA Highrise Android Malware Spies On SMS Messages: WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks is back with yet another batch of Vault 7 related documents detailing the CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) hacking tools and programs targeting unsuspected users worldwide for large-scale cyber espionage. The latest leak exposes “Highrise,” a malware disguised as an app called TideCheck employed by CIA to target Android devices running on versions 4.0 and 4.3 – WikiLeaks has described the app as […]

  • Microsoft’ Calibri font hinges Pakistan’s entire government

    It is probably the first time that the news regarding a corruption case surrounding Pakistani government involves a Microsoft font and the world-renowned encyclopedia website Wikipedia as the corruption scandal escalates to new heights threatening the country’s government. The Panama leaks As many of you may know, earlier in 2016, a hoard of documents dubbed […]

  • LeakerLocker Android Ransomware: Pay or Your Data Will Be Leaked

    Android mobile operating system is often in the news for being targeted by cyber criminals. Now, keeping up with its legacy another Android malware has been discovered by Internet security giant McAfee which acts as a ransomware and threatens users that their personal data will be leaked online if they fail to pay money. Dubbed LeakerLocker; the […]

  • LDAP & RDP Relay Flaws Found in Windows Security Protocols

    Security researchers at behavioral firewall specialist firm Preempt have discovered two critical security flaws in the Microsoft Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM) security protocols which, if exploited, can allow attackers to crack passwords and compromise credentials from a targeted network. The first vulnerability (CVE-2017-8563) was discovered in LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) from NTLM relay while the second […]

  • Smart Home Device Calls Police Amid Domestic Dispute

    A Smart Home device essentially saved a life in New Mexico as it listened to a heated dispute between a couple and subsequently called 911. The authorities rushed in and broke off the confrontation in the spur of the moment. Smart Home becomes the hero As you may know, a Smart Home is a smart […]

  • Satellite Communication Can Now Be Cracked In Seconds

    Back in 2012, a team of five German scientists from Ruhr University in Bochum, published a research paper in which they delineated the method to decrypt communication signals transmitted through satellite phones. In 2016, a report from Chatham House revealed that hackers and even terrorists can exploit security flaws in the computer system of satellites. Now, however, two […]

  • Prisoner Uses Drones and Cell Phones to Escape

    Jimmy Causey, a 46-year-old inmate, captured for kidnapping a lawyer, escaped from the South Carolina prison using some sophisticated technology setup that involved the use of drones and cell phones to coordinate the escape. Causey used more advanced methods than last time The authorities say that Causey escaped some years ago as well using some […]

  • SpyDealer Rooting Malware Steals Data From Android Devices

    Capable of intercepting data from more than 40 apps, the SpyDealer malware has been recently discovered by researchers at the Palo Alto network. The malware has a number of capabilities that allow it to extract personal information from a compromised Android device. SpyDealer versions According to the researchers, the malware has different versions. They are […]