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  • Are Drones an invasion of privacy?

    There is no doubt that drones have become a big thing for those that have traditionally loved flying model aircraft. With many cool features including GPS and cameras, they are superior in many ways to model planes, mainly because they are more controllable and do not need a long runway to take off and land. […]

  • Google: “Google Hire” Won’t Share Browsing History with Employers

    Google is known to be in the spotlight for its success mostly, but this wasn’t the case last night. Yesterday, some prominent media outlets including Daily Mail, RT, and an Australian news site reported that Google would share search history of the users with potential employers under a new project “Google hire.” What is Google […]

  • How a man’ life was ruined due to a typo in IP address by Police

    You probably remember Amazon’s engineer who’s typo messed up the entire AWS (Amazon Web Service). But what happened in the United Kingdom ruined a man’s life. The man in question is Mr. Nigel Lang, a UK resident who in 2011 got arrested at his home because, according to the police, he was a suspect for keeping child pornographic content […]

  • Police hunting for man who killed people live on Facebook

    A man identified as Steve Stephens broadcasted a live video on his Facebook this Sunday afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio. In the video, which has already been removed from the website, he seemingly seeks out a random elderly man with whom he strikes up a conversation before shockingly pulling out a gun and shooting his victim point blank […]

  • Hackers Cloning Popular Android Apps to Infect Users with Malware

    The IT security researchers at Palo Alto Network have discovered new samples of the Adware-family “Ewind” have been discovered by security researchers. As if earlier versions of the Adware weren’t good enough, hackers have made some lethal modifications in the new samples, and it is looking even more dangerous than before. Researchers believe that the […]

  • New tech allows researchers to bypass fingerprint scanner on smartphone

    It’s a common perception that we’re kind of safe by setting up fingerprints scanners on our smartphones. After all, what are the chances that someone in the world has the same fingerprint, and will try to break into our smartphones, right? Well, things are about to change after the researchers from Michigan State University, and […]

  • Hackers are Exploiting New Microsoft Office Vulnerability to Drop Malware

    Researchers have detected a new zero-day bug which uses a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft Word. The bug allows attackers to send malicious document files to users and hackers have started sending out emails with fake Word documents which when downloaded and opened, start working in the background on downloading different kinds of malware and therefore spread […]

  • IoT company disabled customer’s device remotely over bad review

    A few days back, one of the Garagdet’s customer faced some technical difficulties using the iOS app of his internet-connected garage doors opener and left a negative comment on the company’s message board and on Amazon as well. R. Martin, the customer experiencing issues with the app stated on Amazon that, “Junk – DO NOT […]

  • Android Version of Sophisticated Pegasus Spyware Discovered

    Pegasus is a smartphone spyware developed by the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group; it is believed to be one of the most dangerous spyware that has been developed so far. It was found attacking iPhone devices in August 2016. Pegasus uses three iOS system’s zero-day vulnerabilities, which at that time were not identified. Now, Google and […]

  • 6 Best Alternatives for The Pirate Bay

    After kickass was shut down, The Pirate Bay took over the throne as the best torrent site around, and chances are it will be at the top for many more years to come. But because of the sensitivity of the content, one can not be sure about the existence of the torrent king. Just like […]

  • Telegram Update Allows Users to Make Secure, AI-Powered Voice Calls

    Telegram, the secure instant messaging service has issued an update v.3.18 allowing users to make and receive end-to-end encrypted calls over WiFi, 3G, and 4G. Yes, just like WhatsApp, you can now make calls using the Telegram app on your Android and iOS devices. To deliver the best quality calling service, the latest update also allows Telegram […]

  • Access Password protected WiFi hotspots for free with Instabridge App

    Free WiFi connection is a dream for everyone, thanks to the social media platforms keeping us addicted to the Internet. If you are one of those people who want to keep in touch with friends and family at all costs there is an app called “Instabridge” providing its users free WiFi access. The app uses […]

  • New Android ransomware proves why antivirus software are a joke

    A new ransomware app has been spotted in the wild, which could easily bypass your mobile anti-virus allowing the app to lock your device. As per reports, the app is currently targeting Russian users, and so far hundreds of Android users have been victimized. Cyber-security firm Zscaler first spotted the vicious code in the app […]

  • Apple issues iPhone software update after fake police ransomware scam

    The Apple Inc issued a quick iPhone software update to iOS (10.3) yesterday when its customers reported a series of ransomware attacks targeting Safari browser. It all started last month when iPhone users were targeted with a ransomware note accusing them of watching x-rated and pirated content. Furthermore, the cyber criminals claimed that it will be […]

  • Intel Optane memory announced: A steroid to speed up your computer

    Intel has finally developed a magic memory which would help to improve your computer’s speed. A chip named “Optane” has been announced by Intel to boost the speed of your PC, and it looks like the company is very optimistic about its development. According to the senior vice president of Intel, Navin Shenoy, “This is […]

  • World’s largest artificial Sun switched on for the very first time

    23rd March an important day in the history books of science and technologies as the world’s largest artificial sun was turned on for the first time in German Aerospace Center DLR. The solar emulator is named as the “Synlight”; consists of 149 short-arc lamps (Cinema lights) and if focused on a single spot, could create […]

  • Android Forums hacked; password reset notice issued

    Android Forums, a popular platform for Android users, has announced that its servers were accessed by a third-party resulting in a data breach. In a security notice, the website administrator wrote that 40 members of the forum (2.5 percent) who registered between registered in 2016 and 2017 had their accounts compromised. Around 50% of the […]

  • Hackers claim to steal 200 million Apple accounts; demand $75k ransom

    Over 300 million Apple email accounts are said to be in the hands of a group of hackers claiming that if Apple is not willing to pay a ransom payment by at least April 7th, they will wipe all the user data from those accounts. The group, which goes by the name, Turkish Crime Family, is […]

  • China Installs Facial Recognition System in Public Toilets

    Facial recognition machines have been installed in public toilets in Beijing’s most famous Park, Temple of Heaven. These machines are on trial to avoid the waste of toilet paper, as it has been excessively used by “some tourists.”  So be prepared to use a limited 60-centimeter-piece (that has been upgraded from one-ply to two-ply) given […]