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  • 10 Crucial Security Tips to Reduce Data Loss in Microsoft Office 365

    The protection of crucial data is highly important. Microsoft Office 365 has a data loss feature that highly secures your data. According to research, four in every ten organizations are currently using or planning to implement this application. It’s no wonder Microsoft has deemed it necessary to implement the right safety measures for all of […]

  • How can you make your digital privacy more certain

    In this high-tech and incredibly automated era, cyber crime is not an uncommon phenomenon. Privacy breaches are happening with many falling victims worldwide for which consequences can be grave!  As such, it has become quite important to raise awareness as to how people can effectively protect their privacy and prevent getting their data falling into […]

  • Microsoft Slams NSA over WannaCry Ransomware Attack

    Earlier today, Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith stated that part of the responsibility of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that resulted in a major chaos in more than 150 countries falls on the US government, particularly, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Why NSA and CIA? For long, […]

  • How to Improve Your SEO through Enhanced Web Security

    The last thing a lot of people think about when it comes to SEO is security, but your site’s search engine optimization is increasingly affected by how secure it is. Let’s look at the ways website security impacts your site’s SEO, brand recognition, and treatment by the search engines. We’ll also address how your site’s […]

  • Face recognition system at US airports may target citizens

    A few of months ago it was reported that the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) devised a rule for foreign travelers wishing to visit the US according to which foreign travelers were required to hand over their social media account details to US Immigration authorities for security checks. Now, according to recent reports, it has […]

  • Microsoft Warn Users of Cyber Attacks on Windows Software Update System

    Earlier this week, the research team which is part of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection system, detected several attacks being carried out against a software’s update system whose name has not yet been revealed – All that is known about the software is that it is a well-known editing application and that the creator or vendor […]

  • Parents lose custody of kids after YouTube pranks

    “DaddyOFive,” is a verified YouTube channel with 763,595 subscribers who apparently have been using their kids to make online prank videos. In one of the videos, a 9-year-old boy starts crying when his father says another family will adopt him; Couple claims that videos were ‘staged.’ Mike and Heather Martin are from Maryland, United States […]

  • Indian Biometric System Data leaked; over 130 M people could be affected

    The personal identifiable information of people in the wrong hands could cause a major havoc, and this could happen pretty soon in India. According to the reports, the government sites supposed to protect the user data are instead, leaking it! Names, addresses, date of birth, PAN card details, Aadhaar card numbers and other relevant details […]

  • Snake Malware Modified; OS X The Next Target

    The security researchers at Fox-IT have discovered a modified version of the previously known snake malware. A version specifically designed to target MacOS. Still not sure what snake malware is? Well, it also goes by the name of Turla, Agent.BTZ and Uroburous. Sounds familiar now? Previous Victims: As per reports, the snake malware was previously targeting […]

  • You are not alone; WhatsApp is down for many (Updated)

    If you are wondering what’s going on with the popular messenger app WhatsApp then you are not alone because its service is down in many countries. Although it is unclear what’s going on and why the service is down there’s a massive number of users complaining on Twitter.  WhatsApp users in Spain, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, […]

  • Shodan’ Malware Hunter to Expose Command & Control Centers of Botnets

    Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company together with Shodan, which is an internet search engine connecting services to internet devices, have created an online crawler which they call the Malware Hunter. What does it do? The Malware Hunter is a program that sends out signals similar to what a Trojan would send to its control-and-command […]

  • Super Free Music Player Android App Comes with Malware Infection

    A music app in the Google Play Store called Super Free Music Player turns out to be yet another malware-infected app that Google has missed. So far, between 5,000 and 10,000 people have downloaded it. The app was uploaded to the Play Store on March 31 this year, which means that it was posted for […]

  • Facebook Last Warning Phishing Scam Stealing Login, Credit Card Data

    Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most used social media networks with 1.86 billion monthly active users. That’s why its users are also under constant threat by hackers and cyber criminals. Recently, we discovered a phishing scam targeting Facebook users by tricking them into giving away their login credentials and personal information. In this scam, the cyber […]

  • Americans No.1 Ransomware Target & Most Likely To Pay Up

    Symantec, an IT security and software company, has released the latest volume of Internet security threat report and some of the facts written in the report are astonishing. The report states that the U.S was the most targeted country for ransomware and the number of people willing to pay the ransomware was also the highest […]

  • How a Woman’ Fitbit Fitness Tracker Helped Solve Her Murder Case

    A man killed his wife and tried to have someone else convicted of his crime. However, the whole case was solved through Fitbit timeline. According to reports, the murder took place on 23rd December 2015 at around 10 a.m. The victim, Connie Dabate, was a married woman and mother of two children and as evidence revealed […]

  • Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Network Scan Attack

    Researchers have recently discovered hundreds of vulnerable apps on Google Play Store which are allowing hackers to inject them with malicious code which, upon downloading, steal all data from an infected Android device. The problem, according to the researchers [PDF] is that some of the apps are creating open ports on smartphones, which is not a new […]

  • Critical Vulnerability Found in Samsung’s Tizen-based Smart TV

    Smart TV isn’t that “Smart” if you ask us. The whole idea behind a smart TV is to let the consumers control their device through the Internet, but what if there is a critical flaw in the security system of the smart TV? What if hackers can easily bypass the security measures of a television […]

  • Vulnerability in Portrait Display service; millions of IoT devices affected

    A bloatware could be a tricky subject to discuss considering that they are pre-installed in most of the IoT devices, but what if a vulnerability is found in one of the bloatware? Could it create havoc? Millions of users could be affected by even a tiny flaw in a bloatware. Well, this is exactly what […]

  • A Look at the 4 Main Functionalities of NetSuite

    At the moment there are more than 40,000 businesses in the United States alone using the NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform, which should speak for itself in terms of efficiency. However, if you aren’t familiar with a cloud-based ERP, there are some key functions that just might highlight why this particular business management system […]