The Hacker News [THN] Hacked by Pakistani Hacker Shadow008

Famous Pakistani hacker Shadow008, who is known for his high profile hacks has now done a major damage to well renoined technology blog ”The Hacker News ”.

Shadow008 from Pak Cyber Army (PCA) has hacked sub-domain() of  The Hacker News website, leaving his deface page along with a message for the owner of the website. According the the hackers:

TheHackerNews b0xed By Shadow008 xD
Also a small message for Admin of TheHackerNews, Why Wont you submit our Pakistani Hackers News When Ever We Submit ?
Always Be = With Everyone.
Just like You are with Indian’s !

Contact: [email protected]

./LoGouT oFF

Greets: KhantastiC | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus | b0x | Sho0ter | 1337 | Dr.Z0mbie | MINDCRACKER | M4DSh4k | CFR | L1nux3rr0r | Ment@l Mind | ZQ@R | phpBuGz | Over-X | PrOReBeLL | Neo Haxor |
| Cyber Smart | Hitler | Lnx r00t | w3bdrill3r | x3o-1337 | Cep Engking | WG_Eagle | Tha Rude | Disastar | Tha Dark | All Pakistan Cyber Army Team.

Hacker also made a

Link of hacked domain:

Mirror of hacked domain: 

Pakistani hackers are not happy with the administrator of The Hacker News, lately there were many complaints against The Hacker News for not posting hacking news related to Pakistani hackers. However, there has been no confirmation about the hack nor the allegations that were made by Shadow008 hacker.

Update: According to VOGH, Mohit Kumar, the owner of The Hacker News has confirmed that the website was hacked by the hacker. According to him, Okay ! So Paki Hackers use my unused subdomain DNS entry to park a site on blogger and put some message for me.


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