OurMine hackers hack Marvel and Netflix Twitter accounts

OurMine hacking group are back and this time they hacked and took over the official Twitter accounts of Netflix US and Marvel entertainment in a hack attack that took place on Wednesday morning.

The group OurMine is known for using stolen passwords from LinkedIn and MySpace data dumps that were originally leaked online in 2016. Until now the group has hacked websites of renowned online magazines and social media accounts of celebrities as well as CEOs of Internet giants including Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s Mark ZuckerbergWikipedia co-founder Jimmy WalesVariety magazine, BuzzFeed, Business Insider and many others.

As far as their latest hack, OurMine took over Netflix US account with 2.48 million followers and tweeted their official logo along with their email address for further contact. Here is a screenshot that was taken by a Twitter user at the time Netflix account was hacked.

While people were still in shock post-Netflix Twitter account hack, OurMine hackers came up with their second hack of the day and their target was none other than the Twitter handle of Marvel entertainment with 4.39 Million followers.

Upon taking over, the group Tweeted the same content that was tweeted from Netflix account.

Remember, OurMine is a Saudi Arabian hacking group who is working on establishing an IT security firm in order to assist those affected by their hacks to save them from cyber criminals looking to target users and harm them in the long run.

At the time of publishing this article, both hacked accounts were restored and available online.

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