Hacked: 320,000 Time Warner Accounts’ Info Compromised

User data of over 320,000 accounts with Time Warner Cable were stolen when a hack led to details like email ids and passwords to be compromised.

Although it is said that no type of publicity is bad, Time Warner Cable would surely beg to differ. Time Warner Cable has attracted some unwanted attraction and has come in the news for the wrong reasons. The second largest cable company of the United States of America admitted on Wednesday, January, 6, that email accounts of more than 320,000 customers were compromised in a worrying data breach incident.

The reason for the data breach is still unknown, with Time Warner saying that they are yet to single out the cause for the atrocious data leakage of their users’ accounts. This has prompted people to speculate on the issue and provide their own inputs as to what caused this fiasco.

One cause could be a successful malware attack on Time Warner while another could be through the indirect data breach. The breach could also have become possible if somebody had attacked one of the companies that handle the user account data of Time Warner.

It does not seem like Time Warner’s system was breached, though. Whatever the case is, it is imperative that the issue is identified, and more importantly, that all the companies concerned beef up their security instantly.

Time Warner said that the FBI had warned them that the account details of some users might have been compromised. Upon hearing this, the company has instantly sent emails to its existing customers, whether they are new ones or regular ones.

The exact content in the emails is still unknown, but it is fair to assume that the main crux of those emails is an apology from the company. With Time Warner being the second largest cable company of the USA, such a piece of news is rather appalling. The news is quite embarrassing for the company itself, who are trying their utmost to make amends.

Apart from working on improving their security, Time Warner has urged its regular customers to change their passwords at once in order to avoid any unwanted hassle in the future.

This is not the first time when Time Warner has been hacked. In the past, NullCrew hacked Warner’s website for supporting copyright alert system.  

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