6 Anonymous hackers arrested by Dominican Republic Police

Six alleged Anonymous hackers have been arrested by Dominican Republic Police from capital Santiago, accused of hacking into government websites including the official presidential, higher education and police education, ministry and other top national & multinational websites. German Vasquez, the Public Prosecutor German Vasquez said that all 6 arrested suspects are between the age group of 17 and 23.

While the Defense lawyer Carlos Guerrero denied all the charges and that ”government has no evidence if they are they real hackers’‘.

Juan Rafael Leonardo Acosta (Nmap)Milton Corniell David Jimenez (Zerohack)Robert Reynoso Delgado (Frank Ostia)Cristian de la Rosa Jose de los Santos (Mot) and Robert Reynoso Delgado (Frank-Ostia) among the suspects will be charged for cyber terrorism and illegal breaching into the government servers and leaking the information online, if found guilty of what they are arrested for.

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