French Blogger Accuses Anonymous of Impeding Police in Fight Against ISIS

Anonymous has declared full-time war against ISIS and warned the terrorist group to expect the worse.

In a recent video, they left a message for ISIS “You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go under #OpISIS.”

The operation has become a success among followers of the Anonymous group but if you think everyone is happy with the Anonymous and its operation then you are wrong.

Olivier Laurelli, a Franch citizen and a computer security blogger thinks that shutting down pro-ISIS twitter accounts is a bad idea and leaves the security and law enforcement authorities blind when it comes to tracking the activities of such users.

Oliver Laurelli, French blogger has doubts on OpISIS / Image Source: Youtube/Mediapart

“To close those accounts is to leave police deaf and blind around some matters. It is important to know that one account is in France, another in Syria or in Iraq and if you see that someone who is connected to the attacks has a link to someone else, it’s important for police. Twitter has been quick to close down a large number of accounts, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea,” Laurelli told the AFP.

To him, Anonymous work on identifying the ISIS member is an embarrassing situation for the police as it’s the duty of the police to investigate who the members are and who is spreading the propaganda.

According to the blogger, the information from anonymous would have allowed the police to counter the France attacks in which 129 people lost their lives and 415 got injured.

Currently, the Anonymous group has been running an operation for unveiling the ISIS members on social media. However, Facebook didn’t like the idea and hours before the France attacks blocked the Anonymous group on Facebook for unveiling ISIS member identity.

Anonymous also released a list of 8,000+ twitter accounts belonging to ISIS members which were quickly suspended by Twitter.

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