Cellebrite claims its new tool unlocks almost any iOS or Android device

Cellebrite claims it can now crack almost any iOS or Android device

Cellebrite is the same company which helped the FBI to unlock iPhone device of San Bernardino shooter.

Renowned Law Enforcement contractor, the Israel-based forensics firm Cellebrite has claimed that they have developed a perfect tool to hack almost every high-end Android and iOS device, which is definitely good news for law enforcement agencies.

In a press release Cellebrite stated that with the latest update UFED Premium, this tool can unlock almost every latest smartphone whether it is Apple or Android. The company mentioned that UFED Premium can unlock iOS devices running version 7 to 12.3 and latest models of Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Motorola.

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Cellebrite is known for developing exclusive tools for performing the extraction, transferring and analysis of sensitive data on cellular and mobile devices. The company hasn’t clearly mentioned how the new tool works but it has mentioned that it can bypass locks and can access third-party app data including chat messages, emails, and content that has been deleted from the device.

While addressing its UFED Premium, the company said on its website that the tool can:

Bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device, or a physical extraction or full file system (File-Based Encryption) extraction on many high-end Android devices, to get much more data than what is possible through logical extractions and other conventional means.

The company further claimed that this tool can help law enforcement agencies greatly as it is far more advanced than any other tools available currently but the price of the tool isn’t revealed as yet. It is worth mentioning that reportedly, Cellebrite helped the FBI to unlock iPhone device of San Bernardino shooter.

In 2018, Cellebrite claimed that its engineers are skilled enough to unlock even the most recent iPhone X. This time around the company has claimed that they have the tool to unlock almost every iOS and Android device and the tool can extract data from roughly 8,200 advanced devices as of June 2012. This includes PDA devices, smartphones, GPS devices, cellphones, and tablets. Furthermore, UFED can extract all sorts of content such as SMS/MMS messages, multimedia content, call logs and ESN (electronic serial numbers).

Cellebrite noted that the tool will be provided to law enforcement firms exclusively on-premise, which means they will be able to get the results independently and operate the tool on their own. This tool will help them in accessing “3rd party app data, chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content and more”.

The company has indeed made a shocking claim that the tool can even unlock iOS devices running the version 12.3 since it has been recently released and it isn’t also clear whether the tool works on the updated version iOS 12.3.2 and what will happen if Apple releases iOS 13.0 in 2019.

Moreover, if the tool works on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e or not, it isn’t clear as yet. However, it is clear that this tool can unlock encrypted phones that either run Android or Apple’s operating system.

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In its official statement on Twitter, Cellebrite informed users that:

“Cellebrite is proud to introduce #UFED Premium! An exclusive solution for law enforcement to unlock and extract data from all iOS and high-end Android devices.”

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