China Using Surveillance Drones to Prevent Cheating in College Exam

We have always heard about negative use of drones or most of the times drones for surveillance purposes.

But now two testing centers in Luoyang city of China will use surveillance drones to monitor college entrance exams to prevent students from cheating and smuggling electronic devices inside the center.

The entrance test results will determine future of the students and which university they can go for high education. Authorities claim the cheating methods include using electronic communication devices such as smartphones, wireless equipment or hiring a substitute test taker.

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According to a report, the first day of exam was conducted under the supervision of drones, scanning if electronic devices were brought inside the center. 

Lan Zhigang, from Luoyang’s radio supervision and regulation bureau said:

“A drone has its advantages. In an urban area full of tall buildings, various barriers limit the operating range of devices on ground, while the drone can rise up to 1,640 feet and detect signals over the whole city.”

In previous years, Chinese authorities confiscated transmitters and other devices with which students tried to copy stuff hidden in clothing, glasses, pens and even inside the ears.

There are about 9.5 million students taking part in exams this year. Here are some images tweeted by Chinese website:

This is by far the most positive use of drones after Iran. On November 16, 2013, Iranian engineers at RTS Lab in Tehran successfully tested their first ever Pars Rescue Robot Drone with amazing ability to quickly locate drowning victims in the ocean and launch life-preserver floats to them.

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