Disabled Intrusive Win10 Data Collection Features Re-enabled After Nov Update

Windows 10 spying on users is not a new thing nor its force downloading tactics but Windows 10’s November update saw marked improvement in the performance of PCs and tablets, but just a month after the update, users are discovering changes that they didn’t recognize initially.

One of the users on Reddit reported regarding how the update automatically enabled the data collection features that users had turned off before the Windows 10 update through third party apps. One such app is DisableWinTracking (A third party app) which users used for disabling data collection features.

The thread in which the Reddit user reported this issue had over 5000 upvotes meaning the problem wasn’t limited to one user. So, if you are using windows operating system you should check out the data collection features you disabled previously.

Disabled Intrusive Win10 Data Collection Features Re-enabled After Nov Update
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Another user reported that the November update virtually re-installed the windows itself and all the settings were reset when he check after the update. Here is what he said:

The November (Fall) Update literally reinstalls the entire operating system, which is why program defaults and a lot more end up reverting and disabled things may come back. I honestly hope they improve this upgrade system for the next big update because this has seriously caused a lot of people some trouble.” 

In some cases, users have reported removal of apps they had installed before the update and after the update all those apps were not compatible with the new version of the windows, the windows explorer said.

But, windows had to somehow gather data from the user’s system that doesn’t mean they are gathering all for forwarding to the agencies there are some good reasons too like for improving the performance of the windows itself.

The only thing which is making users suspicious is no official announcement or explanation from the Microsoft regarding the data collection, a public statement could do good for them otherwise it could really harm their goodwill.

After its release, Windows 10 data collection program was criticized by privacy advocates. Authorities in Canada decided to look into the matter while Russian lawmaker asked for a complete ban on the operating system as it violates the country’s law.

The Windows 10 OS was also found illegally using its users’ bandwidth to send updates to other users (Fix included in the link.)

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