Facebook Predator sentenced to 29 years on child pornography, sexual offenses

The 23year old Sacramento, CA, Paradise resident Jordan James Kirby has been sent to jail for 29years by United States District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr.

Kirby was accused of various counts of producing child pornography and exploitation of a minor.

Court documents explained that between 2011 and 2013 James Kirby utilized numerous online IDs on Facebook for enticing juvenile girls and women into producing lascivious and sexually explicit pictures. These pictures were then used by Kirby for extorting them.

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Jordan James Kirby’s file photo: Image Source: Chico Police Department

According to the initial posts from Kirby, he presented himself as a modeling agency agent and offered thousands of dollars to unsuspecting women for getting themselves photographed in their bikinis/underwear and different stages of undressing.

He used to tell the girls that they will receive huge sums of money and used those pictures for further luring them in which he either posed with large wad cash or showed his computer tables full of money.

Once the desired photographs were received, Kirby blackmailed the victims for performing sex acts.

Kirby pleaded guilty on March 6th, 2015, to two counts of minor enticement and three counts of attempted child pornography and one count of attempted minor enticement. The ages of victims were between 10 and 15.

US Attorney Wagner stated:

“While always reprehensible, on-line exploitation and extortion of under-aged victims inflicts very real and lasting harm upon our community’s most vulnerable victims. We will continue to work together with our federal and local law enforcement partners to bring such predators to justice.”

Kirby’s arrest was a result of a joint investigation by the Paradise Police Department, Butte County District Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Kirby used social media as a platform for his operation. He exploited minors to earn money and took advantage of children by taking their inappropriate pictures. If parents were monitoring their child’s online activity, this could have been avoided. 

Are you keeping an eye on your child’s online activity? If not then start doing it from today, check their personal messages on social media and text messages on their smartphones. Check their friends list on social media, make sure they are not in touch with unknown people regardless of their age and location. 

You can also use certified online monitoring software for this purpose. 

Learn from this Denver mom who kept an eye on her 13-year-old daughter and shamed her for acting slutty on Facebook.

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