Greenwich University target of revenge hack; results in huge data breach

Brief: Greenwich university has suffered a massive data breach in what looks like a revenge hack — The unknown hacker stole entire database and leaked it on the Dark Web!

The Internet has its advantages but it also contains a lot of threats such as access to best hacking tools or other stuff that would have been impossible to get hands on. A couple of days ago, in what looks like an act of revenge from an ex-student or staff (still unclear) the server of Greenwich University was breached and as a result, a massive trove of data was stolen

That’s not all, the unknown assailant also defaced the university’s site and replaced its home page with a page of his own with a message containing downloading link of the leaked data and the reason why the site was targeted and what damage has been caused. According to the deface message:

“So due to my elite skills and e-fame, you guys decided to kick me out of university because yo couldn’t handle the beast. In response to this, I’ve used the skills I’ve obtained to show you how good I actually am. Please let me come back? :(.”

The defacement was quickly removed from the university’s site after circling on Twitter, along with the MEGA dump; but HackRead was able to get hold of the page from its sources. A full preview of the deface page is available below:

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What’s in the leaked data?

The data dump was scanned by Oren Yaakobi of renowned data mining company Hacked-DB. Upon scanning, Yaakobi found that the hacker stole the entire database of the website which is about 2.74GB in size which contained highly sensitive information related to the university’s students, staff, exams, grades, sickness and holiday details of staff members, personal conversations between students and staff members and other sensitive data such as, full name, email address, password, location etc. The total amount of compromised accounts and credentials are still being investigated and will be updated soon by the company.

At the moment, no one has publically taken responsibility for the hack nor has there been any press statement issued by the Greenwich University. In case the university releases a press release we will update our readers.

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