Hackers take over security camera; live stream girls’ bedroom on Internet

Someone hacked a security camera in this house and live streamed family’s activities on the Internet! 

Hacking security cameras may not be  shocking news for readers but those who get their cams hacked do have to go through a scary situation when hackers start yelling from those cams and users have no idea what’s going on or how to stop it.

That’s what happened when a mother of two daughters found the security cam installed in their room was hacked and live streaming everything happening inside the room on the Internet using Live Camera Viewer app.

The mother who only shared her last name Jennifer said she found out about the hacking after her friend saw a photo of children’s bedroom posted in a Houston, Texas Facebook page and liked by 516 viewers at that time.

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Jeniffer told ABC News that one of her daughters unintentionally disclosed the name of an unprotected server when playing a game online allowing hackers to gain access to the security camera and showing the family’s activities inside the room including sleeping and changing clothes.

”One of my 8-year-old daughters had been playing a computer game and wanted to play with friends. When a prompt requested the name of a server, she searched for one online because she didn’t know the family server’s name. She was able to find an unprotected server online and used it,” said Jeniffer.

The good news is that hacked camera has been restored but the daughters are not allowed to use the Internet anymore.

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Previous cases of camera hacking:

This is not the first time when such footages went viral on the Internet. Last yearparents unexpectedly found their child’s crib footage online after their nanny cam was hacked.

Unprotected security cameras in the United States is not a new thing, in fact, a recent research revealed there are thousands of unprotected cams in the country with 72% in the Richardson city of Texas. These cams are opening new opportunities for cyber criminals to invade users’ privacy. In past few monthssecurity researchers exposed three sophisticated campaigns in which criminal elements had hacked into thousands of security cameras worldwide to conduct DDoS attacks on small business.

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If you are using a security camera or a nanny cam make sure to change its default credentials and put a strong and long password to avoid them from being misused.

Featured, Top Image Via: Flickr/Martin Taylor

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