Woman Sues Microsoft for Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades and Wins

Microsoft was sued by a business woman in California after she witnessed automatic update on her computer which made it slow and hard to use!

A California resident filed a lawsuit against Mircosoft for automatically  updating her business computer to Windows 10 making it slow and unreliable. In return, she won $10,000 after Microsoft decided to step back and drop their appeal.

What Windows 10 does to old PCs

Teri Goldstein of Sausalito, California a travel agent sued Microsoft when her work computer was updated to Windows 10 and that’s when she decided to sue Microsoft. Eventually, the judge decided to make a decision in favor of the Goldstein and asked the tech giant to pay a sum of $100,000 to her, reports Seattle Times.

It is unclear how Goldstein had her PC automatically updated as in earlier days of Windows 10 release Microsoft was only sending upgrade option to those who asked for it via “reservation dialog” but, users have been complaining about Windows 10 forced upgrade tactics since the very first day of its launch.

Image Source Reddit
Image Source Reddit

Other than automatic upgrade there were several privacy concerns reported several times in the past. Following these reports Canada and Russia decided to launch an investigation as right whether Windows 10 was stealing user data, however, despite surrounding controversies Windows 10 is one of the most used OS and if you haven’t upgraded your PC there is just one month left before you will be asked for $119 for upgrading your system.

This lawsuit may open doors to more lawsuits, who knows, let’s see. If you want to know more about this lawsuit there’s much more on this issue on Seattle Times website.

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