14 official NASA domains hacked by BMPoC, left with messages against NSA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which is now more famous for its poor cyber security rather than any else is again under attack, this time a hacker going with the handle of BMPoC along with his team has defaced 14 official sub-domains of the agency today.

Hackers left a deface page along with a message on all hacked websites against possible U.S strike over Syria and National Security Agency NSA‘s spying over Brazilian government and population. The deface message was expressed in following words:

NASA HACKED! BY #BMPoCWe!  Stop spy on us! The Brazilian population do not support your attitude! The Illuminati are now visibly acting!

Obama heartless! Inhumane! you have no family? the point in the entire global population is supporting you. NOBODY! We do not want war, we want peace!!! Do not attack the Syrians!

All hacked domains belong to agency’s internal departments and missions such as, Kepler Mission, Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition (AMASE), NASA Events domain, Ames Academy for Space Exploration, NASA’s Office of Planetary Protection, Virtual Astrobiology, NASA recruitment domain, NASA Lunar Science Institute, Moon Fest 2009 and domain of International Lunar Network (ILN).

Links of all hacked sites along with their mirrors are available here.

This is not the first time when NASA domains were hacked by BMPoC, on April 18, 2013, the same hacker had hacked and defaced 4 official NASA domains.

At the time of publishing this article, all domains were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hackers.


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