RedHack Leaks 4,000 Turkcell numbers against providing Ministers with new numbers

RedHack Leaks 4k Turkcell numbers against facilitating Ministers with new numbers.


The famous hacktivist group RedHack has leaked phone numbers of more than 4,000+ Turkcall personals against company’s decision of replacing those old numbers with new which were earlier leaked by the Turkish based hackers.

RedHack announced the leak via their official Twitter handle which can be seen below:


The hackers also tweeted that:

  • “The phones of many ministers and deputies have been paralyzed after they were revealed by while the ‘Internet censorship’ law was being debated in Parliament, leading to the postponement of the session,” After publishing mobile numbers of Ministers and other thief the GSM operator Turkcell have delivered new numbers to them at their homes. Well it’s time to take revenge. Here is the mobile numbers of 4164 Turkcell Call Centre staff. Change them too.”

RedHack claims that it has  exonerated numbers of all those personals who didn’t took part in the process of helping ministers.

At the time of publishing this article, the leaked numbers were available here


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