10 Powerful But Not Yet Promoted Antivirus for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone

The vulnerability of the regular computer user is at an all-time high….

The vulnerability of the regular computer user is at an all-time high. Not even the strongest of world governments have been able to stay safe from attacks, unauthorized accesses, and data leakages attempted by hackers, malware programs. The big question, then, that every computer and Internet user needs to ask is – is the current breed of famous anti-virus software powerful enough to handle these risks?

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Clunky interface, an overwhelming number of options (most of which are not even understood by the users), and exorbitant prices – all these factors render many conventionally popular antivirus programs insufficient and troublesome for users. Thankfully, there are quite a few antivirus solutions that have stayed abreast of the surging security threats and are potent enough to keep computers and networks safe and secure.

Though these programs don’t yet enjoy the stellar brand image and reputation of the popular antivirus brands, they are superb options for modern computer users who believe in quality over hype. Let’s tell you more about these antivirus software packages. In this list, you will find both free antivirus software and premium ones.

Note: It is worth mentioning that while anti-virus software protects you from online threats, smartphone monitoring apps aim at keeping an eye at your children’s online activities. It is highly recommended that parents must use an app like Family Orbit in such cases.

Quick Heal

With Quick Heal, you can pay all your bills online with total security using a secure browsing session. Unauthorized USB devices are prevented from copying your data, boost PC performance to enable multitasking, and access the web without risks of malware creeping into your system. Quick Heal uses behavior analysis to identify programs that are potential security threats, which makes it capable of detecting viruses that are not yet known.

Also, it identifies malicious websites and helps you stay away from them. It backs up your files so that you can recover important data in case of a data infection issue. Your web browsers run in a virtual environment so that any unauthorized access or file download is not able to establish contact with the operating system.


Fortinet is the maker of the much talked about FortiClient, a wholesome and regularly updated antivirus appropriate for home as well as enterprise users. FortiClient leverages a heuristics-based analysis system to flag any suspicious programs or processes running on your systems. This equips FortiClient with the prowess to track well-camouflaged viruses.

The Web Security module of FortiClient allows enterprises to block websites belonging to 6 high-risk categories. Comparison tests have showcased how FortiClient fares better than more renowned programs like Windows Defender. It doesn’t take a lot of memory to carry out its hygiene checks at startup.


Scanguard is increasingly making its case as a reliable anti-virus that’s equipped to handle the most recent of malware and data theft attempts. ScanGuard has gone into a partnership with the renowned anti-virus brand Avira and uses its updated antivirus definition engine. Plus, ScanGuard offers Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac compatible apps that users can install and secure their devices.

The anti-virus part of ScanGuard identifies, quarantines, and eliminates trojans, malware, and other kinds of threats. Apart from this, it identifies processes and applications that clog your device and optimize them to give a speed boost. ScanGuard helps enhance browser performance and keeps your Internet browsing sessions secure. Additionally, it is all set to add powerful features such as internet banking VPN, parental control, and firewall to offer wholesome digital security to users.


Apart from the routine set of anti-virus features, ZoneAlarm offers DataLock, which is a hard disk data encryption system. Under DataLock, only users with the encryption key can access data on your hard drive. It is not even possible for any unauthorized person to boot your system up.

Though it’s possible to add such features in the form of add-ons to other anti-virus software, what sets ZoneAlarm apart is the fact that it offers you the best regarding anti-virus, data encryption, and device boot authentication – all in one.


Offering complete protection on all possible fronts, TrustPort is all you need to take care of your hard drive data, web browsing, and for safekeeping against all threats and malware. TrustPort’s Total Protection Sphere secures all entry points for possible threats, right from the Internet to email and third-party software.

With strong encryption and access management features, you can take complete control of your device’s access and security. TrustPort uses heuristic analyses to understand malicious programs, and hence is prepared to beat viruses that have not even been recognized yet. The user interface is intuitive and offers ease of operation for novices, as well as hardcore users.


Comodo is available for Windows as a fully loaded antivirus, with capabilities spanning across disk security and web security. It includes cloud scanning, which keeps you safe when you use any cloud-enabled application.

The antivirus keeps you safe from all spyware and comes with a security guarantee. Auto Sandbox Technology delivers defense against infections, and different modes such as trusted installers/game mode/trusted vendors to ensure that your systems allow adequate access to trusted partners. Live Expert Virus Cleaning ensures that you’re covered in all situations.

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Total Security Suite from eScan is a fabulous security system offering end to end security to computers from threats of all kinds – hackers, spam, phishing, adware, rootkits, botnets, and whatnot. Among the noteworthy features are MicroWorld Winsock Layer Technology, NonIntrusive Learning Pattern Technology, Domain, And IP Reputation Checker, all of which combine to deliver 100% security to your computer. EScan learns from new threats every day and keeps you safe even from viruses that are yet to be recognized by major antivirus software providers.


VIPRE uses proprietary always-on Active Protection™ to keep your system guarded against all kinds of malware attacks, making its claims as a reliable security system for Windows. It’s a low-footprint software, ensuring your computer doesn’t go slow when the software runs checks on new processes, programs, and files. Installing and setting VIPRE up is a breezy affair, unlike the clunky and complicated interfaces of most traditional antivirus solutions. A US-based tech team supports you round the clock.


Compatible with Windows and Mac, Webroot Antivirus uses advanced threat protection to keep your system safe. Anti Ransomware Technology Keeps Your Data Safe, And Always-On Security Means your safety will never be compromised. Webroot excels regarding the speed of scanning and consuming a small fraction of your computer’s processing resources while making background checks. Anti-phishing keeps malicious websites at bay, lightning-fast scans give you a real-time check on your computer’s current security status, and firewall helps you network safely.


Zemana brings real-time protection to the table, apart from Bootkit to destroy deep-rooted bootkits and rootkits. Browser Cleanup helps remove all loose pestering add-ons and unnecessary apps. Ransomware protection from Zemana keeps all malware at bay. A quick scan and an intuitive interface make it a user-friendly software for Windows and mobile users.

Apart from this, Quick Heal offers 24×7 tech support to keep your systems safe, and a firewall to keep your device safe even when it operates in a network. Most antivirus testing agencies have regarded Zemana as a dependable antivirus solution for enterprises and personal users.

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