5 cyber tools your business needs in 2020 to keep safe

The following are five excellent cyber tools that deliver palpable benefits to businesses.
5 Cyber Tools Your Business Needs in 2020 to Keep Safe

Finding a business that does not use the internet is a rarity nowadays. Even small operations in rural areas know how useful the web is, that they purposely or unwittingly try to maintain an online presence. It makes a lot of sense to maximize the advantages of the internet by using cyber tools that help boost efficiency and provide protection from different cyber-attacks.

The following are five excellent cyber tools that deliver palpable benefits to businesses

  1. Xpolog

Xpolog is a tool that automates log management. It covers the entire process of managing business logs, from collection to parsing, analysis, monitoring, and the detection of problems. Businesses that computers tend to generate a multitude of logs, which can be useful in analyzing operations and formulating solutions to problems or strategies for improvements. 

With augmented intelligence, Xpolog makes log management more efficient, faster, and more meaningful for any kind of business. It comes with real-time log monitoring, a rich log search feature, an automated log analyzer, as well as visualization tools. It does not only collect logs rapidly, but it also comes with configurable dashboards, AI-powered problem discovery, intuitive log viewing, alert system, and automated parsing functions.

Xpolog enables the effortless monitoring and analysis of logs over numerous systems. It sends real-time alerts whenever errors or problems are detected. Additionally, it is designed to be easy to install, secure, scalable, and integrate with other applications and services. It works with cloud hybrid systems.

5 Cyber Tools Your Business Needs in 2020 to Keep Safe


  1. Hoxhunt

A study by Accenture found that around 85% of businesses and organizations suffered from phishing attacks and other social engineering schemes. Their financial impact can go as high as $1.4 million for every victimized organization. Phishing, unfortunately, is difficult to counter using automated systems or software. This is because they focus on the human element, preying on weaknesses in how people deal with them.

Here’s where Hoxhunt offers a distinctively compelling solution. Hoxhunt is an automated phishing training system designed to educate and empower employees in protecting their companies from cyber-attacks. It provides continuous automated training in a real working environment. This training is aimed at compulsorily imposing behavior change while engaging employees (even without a human instructor or trainer involved) with regard to cybersecurity.

Hoxhunt produces personalized and gamified phishing simulations to help employees become familiar with phishing attacks work in an enjoyable manner. It equips employees with the knowledge and actual experience to instinctively identify and prevent sophisticated phishing attacks from succeeding. It also provides real-time response and analytics.

5 Cyber Tools Your Business Needs in 2020 to Keep Safe


  1. Riskified

Riskified is a robust eCommerce revenue protection and fraud prevention solution. It provides a suite of customer conversion-oriented products designed to capture potential revenue and minimize losses from account login to the payment process. It is a solution capable of distinguishing legitimate customers from potentially fraudulent ones.

Designed to be scalable and flexible, Riskified can adapt to the changing needs of users to improve customer experiences, promote patronage and customer loyalty, and increase revenues. It is also created with machine learning models to improve the way it operates over time. It accumulates experiences from every transaction it examines to handle succeeding transactions more efficiently. Additionally, it comes with a dynamic checkout feature that changes according to the risk profile of a customer.

5 Cyber Tools Your Business Needs in 2020 to Keep Safe

  1. CryptoStopper

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Based on data from a SonicWall report, there were more than 151 million ransomware attacks in the first 3 quarters of 2019. What’s worse is that the tactics used by these attacks have evolved. Without an excellent ransomware prevention system, it would be difficult to ward off these attacks.

That’s why it’s not a bad idea giving CryptoStopper a try. This ransomware detection software makes use of deception technology to bait malware into making themselves detectable and easier to eliminate. This deception tech deploys so-called “watcher files” to attract ransomware activity and monitor them in real-time as they attempt to start the encryption process.

CryptoStopper comes with always-on protection and active defense, along with signature-less detection and server protection. It also uses an algorithm to isolate infected workstations automatically. CryptoStopper does what most other antiviruses and other anti-malware solutions fail to do: zero-day threats detection. It has an average detection speed of less than a second.

5 Cyber Tools Your Business Needs in 2020 to Keep Safe

  1. Metasploit

Metasploit is a computer security solution developed by Massachusetts-based Rapid7 LLC. It is a cross-platform security system written in Ruby designed to obtain information about system vulnerabilities and facilitate penetration testing and the development of IDS signatures. It is pre-installed in the Kali Linux OS and can be run on Termux in Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Businesses can use Metasploit to undertake penetration testing to determine if the security system they have in place is good enough, or to check if there are security issues in the OS and apps installed. Users can set Metasploit to deploy a payload to vulnerable systems for a more realistic test. 

Additionally, Metasploit has evasion tools that may be capable of defeating commonly enforced security measures. If these evasion tools manage to work, Metasploit will have shown the vulnerabilities that need patching or correction.

Metasploit is an open-source tool for conducting cyber threat tests at a minimal cost. It is an effective solution for boosting cybersecurity and anticipating attacks.

5 Cyber Tools Your Business Needs in 2020 to Keep Safe


These cyber tools may not be considered “essential” applications, they can address real-world business needs effectively. 

As hackers and malicious groups gain more power and technological means to inflict damage, so should you gear up to minimize the risk.

The above solutions provide excellent cybersecurity protection as well as functions to help businesses become more efficient, thus boosting their chances for success.

Have you got any experience with those tools or recommend others? Let us know in the comments or social media!

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