Phishing Attempts to Hack Google Passwords via Hacked Red Cross website

The official website of Red Cross Ethiopia has been compromised and currently under hackers who have been trying phishing attacks on user to hack their Gmail accounts. 

According to a report by NakedSecurity, an email circulating around the world with a fake Gmail page is trying to bluff users into an offer supposedly offered by Red Cross. 

It will starts with below given email:

Red-cross-phishing-email Image Credits: NakedSecurity

Subject: Re: Order

Message body:
Thanks for the email, i have tried to send you our company profile but its not going through, so i have decide to send it via Google Docs. all email account work with Google Docs all you need to do is to click the link below and login to view the document.

Click here to View

And get back if you will like to do business with us thanks.


Those poor users who are not familiar with Phishing links will click the link which will open a fake page and once they put their email and password in the login form, the data will be redirected to a server hosted on Ethiopian Red Cross site and the login details will be compromised. 

Here is the screenshot of how the fake Google page looks like, so that readers can secure their email before getting into further trouble. 


I hope this will keep the users away from getting their Gmail hacked, meanwhile the Red Cross is looking into the matter and hope that they will be able to secure their site from hackers this time because this is not the first time when Ethiopian Red Cross site is compromised, in past on March 18th, 2012 it was hacked and defaced by Cocain TeaM.

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