Twitter Account of Pokémon Go’s Developer Hacked by OurMine

Apparently, not everyone is so happy with the enormous popularity and success that Hanke has gained literally overnight due to the sky high ratings of the newly released game. That’s why a group of hackers has hacked the Twitter account of this high profile CEO. 

Yes, guys, it is true! The Twitter account of the world’s most talked about and envied CEO has been compromised presumably quite easily by OurMine.

Hanke wasn’t even aware of the hack until the hacker claimed responsibility rather publicly. So busy was Hanke with his work that he probably didn’t even notice that the hacker was posting Tweets on his Twitter account for more than 12 hours. Still, we are waiting for Hanke to delete all of those Tweets from his Twitter handle

The same group who has been hacking social media accounts of high-profile tech celebrities by using old passwords from LinkedIn and MySpace data dumps.

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For your information, OurMine is a Saudi Arabia-based group of hackers looking to compromise social media accounts of high profile celebs and famous personalities. Until now, they have claimed accounts of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

 This time, they have certainly hit the jackpot as they have captured the account of the most famous of all celeb CEO’s at the moment, the creator of Pokémon Go. 

OurMine claimed responsibility for the hack, which was spotted after the hacking group managed to post a series of messages on Hanke’s Twitter timeline. Reports suggest that OurMine firstly compromised Hanke’s Quora account and then hacked his Twitter handle. 

The group hinted at the Brazilian connection with the game that prompted the attack since they claimed that the hack was directed towards Brazil. It must be noted that the game hasn’t been released yet in Brazil.

Wondering what was the password of Niantic’s CEO Hanke? No points for guessing, it was “nopass.” Yeah, like you, we also couldn’t believe that this was his password. 


OurMine states that the reason behind them hacking the social media accounts of popular personalities is to make people aware of the importance of passwords. The group also offers account scanning service at a rate of $5,000 in which they will check for security flaws and other issues which may compromise the account’s security. 

Watch the video of John Hanke’s hacked account

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Needless to say, social media users must protect their accounts with strong passwords since cyber criminals have become quite skilled of late.

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