San Marino’s Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube & Microsoft Hacked by MCA-CRB Algerian Hackers

Google Hacked again
The Algerian hackers from MCA-CRB group collectively have breached into the San Marino’s domain registrar and name providing company NIC.SM and as a result some high profile websites have been hacked and defaced. 

The hacked sites includes Google (, Facebook (, Yahoo (, Youtube ( and Microsoft ( designated for San Marino. 

Algerian MCA-CRB group left their deface page aloge with a message and greeting to their fellow hackers on all of the hacked website according to which “T0TAL C0NTR0L..By MCA-CRB..Algerian Hacker.. Not Panic…It’s A New Generation 0f Hackers Greets t0 => My Best Friend Mr-AdeL & i-Hmx & Kader11000 & SPouPouH & Pirou ..And my little brother Dz-Black All Members Sec4… To Be Continued …. Forza-Dz”.

The link of affected sites and their mirrors can be find on below given Pastebin link.

Algerian MCA-CRB is the same group who had breached, hacked and defaced official websites of Romanian’s Google, Kespersky, Paypal, Windows, Microsoft and Yahoo, making it one of the biggest high profile hack of 2012. 

At the time of publishing this article, deface pages from hacked sites were removed. 


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