Sauna security camera hacked; nude videos of Dutch Women’s Handball Team leaked

Sauna CCTV camera hacked; nude videos of Dutch Women Handball Team leaked

The stolen videos from hacked security cameras were leaked even when the system was removed from the sauna.

The Dutch women’s handball team is the latest victim of critical vulnerabilities in IoT devices especially security cameras. Reportedly, unknown hackers took over the security camera system installed in the dressing room of the sauna used by players and stole nude videos of them.

Although the breach took place in 2015 the incident has only been reported now by local media according to which after stealing the videos, hackers got in touch with Erik van Ingen Schenau, the owner of the Sauna and Beauty Oasis where the incident took place and warned that the security camera system should be removed immediately or they will leak the stolen videos online.

“I received a mail containing a photo, a still from a video of one of the security cameras”, he said to the newspaper. “With the warning that the images would go online in 14 days if I did not immediately remove the cameras,” said Erik.

In return, the security camera system was removed from the dressing room but in December 2017 hackers leaked two videos online showing seven women members of the Dutch handball team completely naked and preparing to enter the sauna. What is most damaging is that the faces of almost all the players can be seen clearly.

It is unclear if the videos have been removed or why there was a security camera system installed in the sauna in the first place. However, for the last two years, there has been a complete ban on installing security cameras in changing rooms.

Not for the first time

Just yesterday it was reported that an Israeli Rabbi was arrested for hacking the security camera system at a women’s bathing suit shop, recording and stealing nude videos of customers including Israeli fashion model Neta Alchimister and singer Eden Ben Zaken.

The accused Rabbi also leaked the stolen videos on his social media page.

Security your IoT devices

By now, it is obvious that Internet-connected security cameras are highly vulnerable to cyber attack including DDoS attacks and poses a great threat to user privacy. Therefore, if you own a security camera make sure to change its default login credentials to something strong.

Additionally, users can take advantage of this IoT Scanner which shows if their Internet-connected devices are vulnerable to being used in DDoS Attacks. Additionally, for those who are running a business; do not forget to calculate the cost and probability of a DDoS attack on your business with this DDoS Downtime Cost Calculator.

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