11 Ongoing Anonymous Operations You Must Know About

Anonymous is known for conducting cyber attacks against injustice but not every operation makes it to the news — There are several ongoing ops which the readers should know about.

There are some campaigns which Anonymous collective has been running and are hardly ever noticed by anyone.

Most of the readers only know the famous ones like #OpISIS, #OpParis, #OpMonsanto, #OpWhales, #OpKillingBay, #OpKKK, and the most recent one #OpTrump.

In this article, HackRead will cover all those campaigns which hardly get noticed or covered by the media. So, let’s get started!

1- Operation Beast

#OpBeast is by far one of the best operations Anonymous could ever come with. This operation is all about targeting x-rated animal abuse websites and forums to protect animal rights and raise awareness about animal brutality. So far Anonymous was successful in shutting down and removal of several animal abuse websites.

2- Operation Safe Winter

#OpSafeWinter is a campaign run by Anonymous to create awareness on the difficulties and dangers people living on streets have in winters. This campaign was started last year, but Anonymous will be continuing it this year.

3- Operation Monsanto

#OpMonsanto aims to target food corporations using Monsanto products. Anonymous hacked National Agriculture Library domain and South African government contractor in protest against Monsanto food products.

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4-Operation SingleGateway

#OpSingleGateway is a campaign launched  by Anonymous activists to protest and attract the attention of both the national and international media against government’s internet censorship plans. Just last week Anonymous hacked Thai Police server and stole the database to mark protest against censorship.

5- Operation Cheetah Trade

This campaign is largely aimed for Middle East countries where in spite of the international ban on the trading of Cheetah cubs there are cheetahs sold online. So, Anonymous is targeting these cheetah traders in this campaign.

6- Operation Death Eaters

#OpDeathEaters is related to the people who are sexually abusing children, Anonymous is working to gather data on these people to attack them and has also called people around the world to support them in this cause.

7- Operation Innocence Peshawar

This particular operation is in relation to the event of 16th December 2014 in which several school children were killed by extremists in Peshawar, for now, there are no attacks planned, but the group has planned to show their support in the protest of extremism by posting on social media.

8- Operation Footage

This operation is in relation ISIS in which Anonymous has asked all their members to save all the images, audio and videos that ISIS posts online which they can use as evidence against the ISIS members if ever the war ends.

9- Operation Charitin

This campaign is for the future and will be started soon. In this Anonymous has planned to attack the youth care workers who take away children without any valid evidence.


This mostly happens with the people who have moved into developed countries as immigrants. This campaign looks like evolution from an old Anonymous campaign #OpYouthCare.

10- Operation Refugee Outreach

This campaign is for the refugees from all around the world and is quite similar to Operation Safe Winter. It’s a sort of social media campaign rather than cyber war.

11- Operation Free Waters

There is dam currently built on the Nile in the Egypt’s Nubia region and the people there fear that this could lead to exploitation of resources in the region. So, anonymous wants to create awareness regarding this and for this purpose they have started this campaign. You can read a statement in relation to this project from Anonymous here.

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